Amazon Fresh: Store on Wheels


Amazon is trying to bring stores to your home. The shopping giant which introduced cashier-free shopping is now eyeing to expand what it is now calling as "Amazon Fresh." Amazon is taking this as a crucial step in its expansion in the consumer market. It will be first available in the US competing with big markets like Walmart. 

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The Future Of Supermarkets Is Without Checkouts: Amazon Go

Have you ever dreamt of jogging down to your nearest supermarket, buy the things and reach home? That too without any queues, checking out counters and most importantly paying at that instant? Then it will soon be a reality as Amazon is trying to open supermarkets (maybe smart markets) where all the things mentioned above happen.

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Amazon's New Office and Retail Complex: Biodomes

Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon wanted to improve the footprint of Amazon in its hometown Seattle, Washington USA. Amazon wanted to build a large campus at the centre of Seattle many years back, With the proposal accepted in the year 2013, Amazon since then is trying to make the construction distinct.

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Amazon Echo With Touch Screen: Leaked

Amazon is on a smash hit spree. Its products Echo, Fire TV and Prime Video are an official hit. The e-commerce company is also changing the way technology is being used in homes. With a motive to make homes smarter, it introduced previously mentioned Echo.

Amazon Echo

Featuring intelligent voice assistant Alexa, Echo is a voice-enabled speaker that can be used to play music, provide information, news etc.  With a wide range of support with various services like Spotify, Pandora, Google, Amazon music etc, the intelligent speaker was well received all over the world.

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