Samsung S8 Iris Scanner Can Be Bypassed And The Method Is Very Simple


S8, the extraordinary flagship of Samsung is known for its advanced specs sheet and the elegant design. The device released this year boasts all the latest features. The phone which was a smash it lived to its expectations.

But now, the company is facing some issues when a group showcased a video where you can by pass the S8 Iris scanner.

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LG V30 Images Leaked: A Smart Slider Phone?


LG, the South Korean tech giant is eyeing for dominance in the smartphone industry. Even though its G series is critically acclaimed, people back a little when it comes to LG smartphones. To attract people, LG started a new series called V series which offers premium and powerful smartphones with a lot of advanced features.

LG V series is like Samsung's Note lineup, monster specs, and large displays. LG which received quite a success with V10 and V20 is now planning to release V30 and the leaks got ahead of the announcement.

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Turn Boring Data Into Interesting GIFS Now With Google


In pursuit of making our lives simpler, Google is continuously bringing new tools and services. A new tool announced by Google recently is a much simpler and easier than others to make data less boring. Being termed as Data Gif Maker.

Data Gif Maker

GIFs are basically images that move. What separates GIFs from Video is the size. They size almost the same as the image files. GIFs are now being user more than before thanks to GIPHY entry and conveying feelings through GIFs on social media.

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Gionee Announced New Phone S10 Which Features Four Cameras


Smartphones are changing daily. With new additions and more requirements, the companies are going a long way to making their smartphones unique and more powerful. The bigger specs, the better will be its value in the market.

Many Chinese smartphone companies are known for packing a lot in a budget priced phone like One Plus, Huawei, Xiaomi and now the somewhat lesser known to the world company Gionee.

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Vertu Signature Cobra Costs 2.3 Crores And Will Be Delivered In A Helicopter


Ever bought a phone that costs in lakhs? Forget lakhs, Vertu's new mobile Signature Cobra edition costs a whopping 2.3 crores. The phone is one of the most expensive devices out in the market, but in a weird twist, the phone is just a feature phone - a phone with a keypad. 


Vertu, British manufacturer and retailer of luxury and handmade mobile phones is once a part of Nokia but later bounced around multiple owners lastly reaching a Hong-Kong based company. Vertu is often known for its low-feature but crazy costing phones.

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Underwater Drone That Is Designed Like A Fish: BIKI Drone


Drone designs are getting smarter and smarter every day. There are a lot of flying drones to perform various tasks for various requirements, but the existence of underwater drones is very less.

Underwater drones that look interesting is a whole another story. Meet BIKI, the underwater drones that look like a fish. BIKI already smashed its goal during crowdfunding on Kickstarter and let us see what is special about this.

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Google Jamboard: A Whiteboard For Business


Google like Microsoft is pushing itself into business and companies since a few years in various forms. Last year, it announced Google Suite, a Microsoft Office-like collection of all the software and apps required for business. During the same time, it also announced Jamboard. Now it got an Android app for your devices for better interaction.

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Bluetooth 5 Is Here, But Only For Few Devices


Smartphones these days are in the hands of everyone. Connectivity between various smartphones can be achieved by various means. But the easy and simple one of all is Bluetooth. Not only Bluetooth connects phones, but it will allow your phone to control various devices with a simple tap. 

Bluetooth version is now upgraded to 5.0 recently and here what's new.

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Forbes Most Valuable Brands 2017 Top 10


Forbes, the American business magazine known for its famous lists including Top companies, Most influential people etc also released a list of most valuable brands 2017 rankings and here are the Top 10 companies. 

Most Valuable Brands: Top 10

Forbes lists are very trustworthy and are universally accepted thanks to their immense research and statistics. Of all the lists, the Most valuable brands caught our attention as we are constantly interacting with them and surrounded by them. Here are the top 10 valuable brands.

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An Affordable and Compact Drone: DJI Spark


Drones, once as distant feature now became mainstream. The drone registrations are increasing daily and the applications of Drones are now being widely known. DJI, one of the leading drone's makers known for its famous drones Parrot, Phantom now came up with another new model. But this time it is more affordable and compact. 

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