Avatar's New Theme Park Is Opened And It Looks Marvalleous


Avatar, the movie that changed the face of Hollywood can now be experienced live with the new Disney theme park that features Pandora, the world of Avatar. This new theme park which is being built for many years is at last open for a vacation. 

Avatar Theme Park

Avatar, released in the year 2009 mesmerised the whole world with beautiful sceneries of the planet Pandora and the unique lives there, the N'avi. Directed by James Cameroon, Titanic fame, the movie topped the chart of blockbusters in no time.

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Underwater Drone That Is Designed Like A Fish: BIKI Drone


Drone designs are getting smarter and smarter every day. There are a lot of flying drones to perform various tasks for various requirements, but the existence of underwater drones is very less.

Underwater drones that look interesting is a whole another story. Meet BIKI, the underwater drones that look like a fish. BIKI already smashed its goal during crowdfunding on Kickstarter and let us see what is special about this.

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Meet The Samsung's Stretchable Display


Samsung is always keen on making some of the breakthroughs in technology. It popularized the Android in phones, made AMOLED and OLED widely used and recently it is making the Tizen OS popular. Now, the South Korean tech giant is looking to make TVs more flexible (literally) and advanced and Samsung is very good at making consumer electronics. Recently, it announced a TV which bends but does not break. Before going into details, you have to know about the Flexible displays.

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Print Pictures And Bring Them To Life Everywhere Using Prynt Pocket


Photography is the best way to capture memories. Smartphones enable people to take pictures anywhere and anytime. But can we print pictures on the go too? Yes, thanks to Prynt's new case for smartphones called Prynt Pocket. The case in addition to printing on the go will also allow you to see pictures in Augmented Reality (AR). Sadly, it is only available for few phones.

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Its Hit Multiplayer Game Overwatch Anniversary: Here's Whats New!

Playing games in one of the biggest hobbies of people. Doing what you want in the Virtual world has more fans than you expect. Multiplayer takes the fun a bit higher as you can play along with others and even with your friends. One of the biggest and famous multiplayer is Overwatch.

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The Famous Online Shooter Destiny Is Getting A Sequel

Destiny, the famous multiplayer shooter is getting a sequel. Announced by the developer Bungie itself, the game is from Activision Blizzard studios continuing the famous game Destiny. The sequel will be released on PC, XBOX and Playstation 4 later this year. The official launch of Destiny will be on September 8th. 


Before we discuss what's new with Destiny 2, here are some quick facts about Destiny 1. The game skipped its release on the PC platform and trended worldwide with a fast growing user base. 

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Now Turn Your Selfies Into Stickers Using Google Allo


Taking Selfies is now went mainstream. Most people even start their day with a sweet selfie. Taking selfies is mainly for two reasons separately or at a time

  1. How they are now
  2. How do they want to be?

A lot of apps now are solely on the play store for selfie-taking and selfie-enhancing. Instagram, Snapchat, and almost every other social networking apps rise were mostly due to selfie-based themes. Google Allo, the forgotten social networking app is eyeing on "taking selfies in an interesting way."

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