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Turn Boring Data Into Interesting GIFS Now With Google


In pursuit of making our lives simpler, Google is continuously bringing new tools and services. A new tool announced by Google recently is a much simpler and easier than others to make data less boring. Being termed as Data Gif Maker.

Data Gif Maker

GIFs are basically images that move. What separates GIFs from Video is the size. They size almost the same as the image files. GIFs are now being user more than before thanks to GIPHY entry and conveying feelings through GIFs on social media.

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Google Added A New Tab To Your Search: Personal Tab That Shows Your Stuff


Google is making searching much smarter and easier. It added a lot of features that may not show a difference visually, but refining and revamping the search you use daily. The tech giant is now interlinking all its apps at one place to make it easier. In the process of doing this, it introduced a new feature called Personal Tab. 

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Bluetooth 5 Is Here, But Only For Few Devices


Smartphones these days are in the hands of everyone. Connectivity between various smartphones can be achieved by various means. But the easy and simple one of all is Bluetooth. Not only Bluetooth connects phones, but it will allow your phone to control various devices with a simple tap. 

Bluetooth version is now upgraded to 5.0 recently and here what's new.

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Amazon Fresh: Store on Wheels


Amazon is trying to bring stores to your home. The shopping giant which introduced cashier-free shopping is now eyeing to expand what it is now calling as "Amazon Fresh." Amazon is taking this as a crucial step in its expansion in the consumer market. It will be first available in the US competing with big markets like Walmart. 

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Bike of The Future: BMW Motorrad Concept Link


BMW, the German automaker is known for its luxurious and sporty cars. The company as a celebration of its 100 years existence is launching futuristic concept vehicles to make the smart mobility in the future. As a part of BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100, it unveiled a concept car, a futuristic bike named BMW Vision Motorrad and now it unveiled its concept BMW Motorrad concept Link.

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Increase Your Productivity With Microsoft Whiteboard


Bussiness meetings can be a bit boring. Sitting around round tables and opening powerpoint and excel sheets sucks the energy of the members. Business meetings can be made even more interactive and fun with some interactive apps and software. Of course, productivity must not be compromised.

Microsoft is pushing a lot of buttons to do the same for Business professionals. It launched the Surface Studio, a big board for collaboration, its shared Office apps and now Whiteboard. 

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Print Pictures And Bring Them To Life Everywhere Using Prynt Pocket


Photography is the best way to capture memories. Smartphones enable people to take pictures anywhere and anytime. But can we print pictures on the go too? Yes, thanks to Prynt's new case for smartphones called Prynt Pocket. The case in addition to printing on the go will also allow you to see pictures in Augmented Reality (AR). Sadly, it is only available for few phones.

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The Future Of Supermarkets Is Without Checkouts: Amazon Go

Have you ever dreamt of jogging down to your nearest supermarket, buy the things and reach home? That too without any queues, checking out counters and most importantly paying at that instant? Then it will soon be a reality as Amazon is trying to open supermarkets (maybe smart markets) where all the things mentioned above happen.

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