Gionee Announced New Phone S10 Which Features Four Cameras


Smartphones are changing daily. With new additions and more requirements, the companies are going a long way to making their smartphones unique and more powerful. The bigger specs, the better will be its value in the market.

Many Chinese smartphone companies are known for packing a lot in a budget priced phone like One Plus, Huawei, Xiaomi and now the somewhat lesser known to the world company Gionee.

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Underwater Drone That Is Designed Like A Fish: BIKI Drone


Drone designs are getting smarter and smarter every day. There are a lot of flying drones to perform various tasks for various requirements, but the existence of underwater drones is very less.

Underwater drones that look interesting is a whole another story. Meet BIKI, the underwater drones that look like a fish. BIKI already smashed its goal during crowdfunding on Kickstarter and let us see what is special about this.

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Android Go: The Project That Makes Budget Smartphones Powerful


The Google's I/O 2017 became the proving grounds of various new technologies and features to the Google ecosystem. Even though the keynote of the event circled mainly around Google Assistant and Google Home, Android Go is mostly unknown and ignored by many.

Here Is Why Android Go Is Important

Android Go project is to make the Android Operating system more widely available, affordable and attractive. The project though its meaning is not completely revealed, the collected information says a lot about this upcoming project. 

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Facing Difficulties With Facebook Messenger? Here Is An Alternative

We have a plethora of apps for social networking including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc. Messaging, on the other hand, will be mostly on WhatsApp, Messenger, Hike and Allo. WhatsApp is a perfectly optimized app almost giving us no problems. But Messenger is often a pain in various ways. 

This was observed by Facebook and it came up with a lighter version of it called "Messenger Lite" like the Facebook Lite.

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Samsung Z4 Powered By Tizen OS Launched: Is It Good?


Android Smartphones presently dominate our Indian market in both low-end and high-end models with the majority being the mid-end models. Another OS smartphones percentage (excluding iOS) is very low. Bada OS of Samsung, BlackBerry OS all bit the dust due to the frequently updated Android OS.

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A True Immersive Experience: Bragi Dash Pro


Music is our daily part of our lives. We use various devices to enjoy the sounds like headphones, earphones, and speaker. But earphones are the more portable medium for listening music. Listening music on premium earphones is whole another experience. If you are willing to buy a new set of premium earphones, then we are here with a recommendation - Bragi Dash Pro

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Now Turn Your Selfies Into Stickers Using Google Allo


Taking Selfies is now went mainstream. Most people even start their day with a sweet selfie. Taking selfies is mainly for two reasons separately or at a time

  1. How they are now
  2. How do they want to be?

A lot of apps now are solely on the play store for selfie-taking and selfie-enhancing. Instagram, Snapchat, and almost every other social networking apps rise were mostly due to selfie-based themes. Google Allo, the forgotten social networking app is eyeing on "taking selfies in an interesting way."

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