Forbes Most Valuable Brands 2017 Top 10

Top 10 Valuable brands


Forbes, the American business magazine known for its famous lists including Top companies, Most influential people etc also released a list of most valuable brands 2017 rankings and here are the Top 10 companies. 

Most Valuable Brands: Top 10

Forbes lists are very trustworthy and are universally accepted thanks to their immense research and statistics. Of all the lists, the Most valuable brands caught our attention as we are constantly interacting with them and surrounded by them. Here are the top 10 valuable brands.

Forbes lists are widely accepted
Forbes lists are widely accepted

Top 10 Valuable Brands

The list is ordered with the most valuable brand at the top and the brand value to the right side of the name of the brand.

  1. Apple - $170.0 Billion
  2. Google - $101.8 Billion
  3. Microsoft - $87 Billion
  4. Facebook - $73.5 Billion
  5. Coca-Cola - $56.4 Billion
  6. Amazon - $54.1 Billion
  7. Disney - $43.9 Billion
  8. Toyota - $41.1 Billion
  9. McDonald's - $40.3 Billion
  10. Samsung - $38.2 Billion
Apple leads the list being on the number 1 spot
Apple leads the list being on the number 1 spot

Forbes follows a critical methodology in generating the lists. Unlike others, it does not consider customer reviews and votes but instead focuses on financial merits. The procedure followed by Forbes can be explained simply:

  • First, it determines revenue and income without considering taxes
  • This is obtained by Wall Street and other experts of industry
  • Subtracts 8% of Brand's capital value
  • Maximum corporate tax rate in that home country is applied
  • Average price to earnings is multiplied to this to get final brand value
  • The brand value is finally converted into U.S dollars

Interestingly, the majority of the companies belong to the technology sector. Also, the report suggested that the Top brands by Industry are lead by Technology with 18 companies topping the list. Here are the top 5 brands by industry:

  1. Technology (18)
  2. Financial Services (13)
  3. Consumer Packaged Goods (12)
  4. Automative (11)
  5. Retail (10)
Technology led the list with most number of companies
Technology led the list with most number of companies

Some of the top 10 most valuable brands witnessed a major increase in standings like:

  • Amazon (54%) (Biggest increase in the top 100)
  • Facebook (40%)
  • Google (23%)

Even though Apple stans top on the world's top value brands, it's standing in the biggest public companies is #9. Also there are 56 companies from US itself in the top 100 most valuable brands. 

The list suggests that there is the large gain in many technological companies with 3 of the biggest gainers belonging to technology. It suggests that people are now interacting and considering tech giants better than before. The list will bring more joy if we have an Indian company in the list.


SOURCE: Forbes

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