Apple WWDC Is Around The Corner: Rumors and News Roundup


We have already witnessed multiple events from major tech companies like Google and Microsoft. And now it is time for Apple to announce all the new products and services. Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWD) 2017 is going to happen from June 5-9 and here are some rumours and news about the event.

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Gionee Announced New Phone S10 Which Features Four Cameras


Smartphones are changing daily. With new additions and more requirements, the companies are going a long way to making their smartphones unique and more powerful. The bigger specs, the better will be its value in the market.

Many Chinese smartphone companies are known for packing a lot in a budget priced phone like One Plus, Huawei, Xiaomi and now the somewhat lesser known to the world company Gionee.

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Underwater Drone That Is Designed Like A Fish: BIKI Drone


Drone designs are getting smarter and smarter every day. There are a lot of flying drones to perform various tasks for various requirements, but the existence of underwater drones is very less.

Underwater drones that look interesting is a whole another story. Meet BIKI, the underwater drones that look like a fish. BIKI already smashed its goal during crowdfunding on Kickstarter and let us see what is special about this.

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An Affordable and Compact Drone: DJI Spark


Drones, once as distant feature now became mainstream. The drone registrations are increasing daily and the applications of Drones are now being widely known. DJI, one of the leading drone's makers known for its famous drones Parrot, Phantom now came up with another new model. But this time it is more affordable and compact. 

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Print Pictures And Bring Them To Life Everywhere Using Prynt Pocket


Photography is the best way to capture memories. Smartphones enable people to take pictures anywhere and anytime. But can we print pictures on the go too? Yes, thanks to Prynt's new case for smartphones called Prynt Pocket. The case in addition to printing on the go will also allow you to see pictures in Augmented Reality (AR). Sadly, it is only available for few phones.

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All You Need To Know Microsoft Surface Pro Released Today


Microsoft dropped its new addition to the Surface family as expected. Announced at the Shangai Event, Microsoft is releasing this device in various models. The Surface Pro ditched the number in its name to be an independent product and Microsoft claims even though the device looks the same, there are a lot of changes done internally.

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The Famous Online Shooter Destiny Is Getting A Sequel

Destiny, the famous multiplayer shooter is getting a sequel. Announced by the developer Bungie itself, the game is from Activision Blizzard studios continuing the famous game Destiny. The sequel will be released on PC, XBOX and Playstation 4 later this year. The official launch of Destiny will be on September 8th. 


Before we discuss what's new with Destiny 2, here are some quick facts about Destiny 1. The game skipped its release on the PC platform and trended worldwide with a fast growing user base. 

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Facebook Fined Over $122 Million By European Union

Facebook, the social media giant faced an unexpected event recently. The silicon valley giant faced a hiccup in its Whatsapp deal which made Europen Union (EU) angry. This led into EU fining Facebook for providing misleading information.

What Happened?

This dates to back to the year 2014 where Facebook was in the middle of the deal for buying WhatsApp. As the deal was international, The Facebook merger must also agree with the rules and regulations of European Union. 

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